Asset Management is a systematic approach of maintaining, upgrading, collating and operating physical assets cost effectively. Aim is to create and develop better road management practices with the use of advanced monitoring techniques.


  • Fit- for- purpose transport solutions - Identify the need for new capital investment and enable maintenance of existing assets.
  • Improved Operational Aspects - safety of operations, cost efficiency, extent of traffic disruptions, long time consistency.
  • Fundamental interpretation of physical processes - allows relevant condition and performance indicators to be developed and at the same time take proactive measures to prevent major damages and enable immediate and unplanned measure/ maintenance.


  • Monitoring functionality
  • Monitoring surface conditions
  • Monitoring road inventory
  • Monitoring structural conditions
  • Monitoring Water Ponding


  • Expansion of Road Network
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Economic Development
  • Need for new capital investment
  • Road safety


  • Phase 1 - Selection of the network
  • Phase 2 - Road Data Base Development
  • Phase 3 - Organizing Data Collection
  • Phase 4 - Budget and Planning Tool Implementation
  • Phase 5 - Geographic Information System implementation