Since data is increasing at an alarming rate, our aim is to understand, interpret and make use of extracted knowledge by converting it into user friendly interface by making the most of technology available. Aim is to analyse the transactional data to develop a system that operates in the web environment.


  • Clients do not need to worry about high computational resources required for running such applications as all the resource requirements are taken care at the server end
  • Web-enabled system does not require any dedicated network as its maintained through existing internet gateways
  • Global accessibility of the application
  • Security, reliability and availability offered by the internet framework

Application development does involve challenges as well such as designing a suitable framework, ability to handle large volume of data, processing the data in reasonable time and meaningful visualization and here ‘DATAMINES INFRA EXCELS’.

Our attempt is to design and develop a web-enabled data mining system addressing the challenges employing suitable tools and techniques.


  • Survey of the existing system – functional details
  • Proposed design methodology
  • Implementation framework
  • Seamless integration of the techniques
  • Application security

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