Feasibility Study Survey projects the success or failure and tests the viability of the project technically and economically.


  • Safe Roadways
  • Improve traffic congestions and conditions


  • Preliminary Analysis - involves pre-screening of the proposed requirement
  • Comparative Analysis - involves evaluation of required scope of work and current conditions
  • Financial Analysis - involves working out the financial risks, realistic benefits of the project
  • Safety Analysis - involves evaluating the safety aspects keeping in mind any negative impact on the road conditions
  • Review Analysis - involves final decision and output based on all the findings


  • Technical Feasibility - evaluate whether software, hardware and other technology solutions meet the requirement
  • Economical Feasibility - determine the positive/ negative economic benefits considering the cost analysis
  • Legal Feasibility - assess the legal aspects i.e. laws, protection acts
  • Schedule Feasibility - assess the time schedule and completion of the project
  • Operation Feasibility - assess that the demand/ requirement of the project is being met