Aim is to analyse traffic characteristics to ensure smooth and safe traffic movement. This is an essential and complex element of planning, building and operating a systematic transport infrastructure  in order to facilitate the assessment of present and future traffic demands, for the development of need-based infrastructure accurate information and continuous monitoring of traffic by appropriate methods.



Plan and design new facilities for traffic operations

Focus on research for  pattern/trends and efficient traffic flow including analysis of road geometry, cycling infrastructure , sidewalks and crossways, , traffic signs, road surface marking and traffic lights.

To plan prioritization of roads improvement schemes  



Classified Traffic Volume Count                          

Junction Turning Movement 


Axle Load

Speed Delay

 Annual Potential Collection (APC)




 Automatic Count involves usage of various instruments like video camera, pneumatic tubes, inductive loops. Our in-house application software integrate video with Automatic Traffic Counter Cum Classifier (ATCC )’s data. ATCC data is validated with video recording and 99% accurate data is delivered to client in required format. 

Datamines Infra ensures use of quality equipments, great methodology and years of experience to compile tabulated feasibility studies.